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Harm Reduction Services


Our mission is to reduce the rates of overdose deaths from contaminated substances at large gatherings of at-risk populations. Productions New York seeks to strengthen the recovery community and reduce the stigma of substance use, recovery and behavioral health needs through compassionate, nonjudgmental, peer-based substance testing.

As a harm reduction service, we embrace the basic principles and values of harm reduction, including the acceptance of the reality of drug use and a desire to minimize its harmful effects rather than ignore them. We are able to provide Narcan, fentanyl test strips, hygiene and first aid supplies, and sterile syringe disposal to anyone with no questions asked.

We seek to empower the community by promoting the autonomy, respect and dignity of all members of our society. 

We are able to provide this service only with a sponsor such as a music or lifestyle festival. Please contact us to learn about festival testing tents and confidential backstage support. 

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